Making little payments quick, simple, and safe

Enabling open payments for transport authorities, operators, and service providers.

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Who we are

littlepay provides a loosely-coupled platform for transport organisations by unifying ticketing and payments. We support true multi-trip / multi-operator account-based payments, leveraging a cloud-based bank-grade infrastructure.

We are creating a solution that addresses industry pain points, making transport seamless again.

Accept payments, simply, safely, securely

Giving more payment options for your customers improves retention, satisfaction and loyalty. littlepay's acquiring system lets you accept payments from any device or channel, manage risk, and track performance - all on a single platform.

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Migrate proprietary smart-cards to EMV

Issuing EMV cards and wearables extends functionality in a cost-effective manner while opening up new revenue streams. littlepay manages private label and open-loop payment programmes for consumers, businesses, and government agencies.

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Working together is better

We deliver a scaleable, flexible, channel-agnostic payments platform that allows you to focus on providing continuous, on-time transport services. With our support, your customers can ride anywhere, anytime, using the card or phone that's already in their pocket.

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Why choose us

Simplified payments

Accept low-value payments quickly, simply, and safely.

Reduce costs

Lower fees through intelligent transaction aggregation and risk management.

Keep customers first

Get to know the customers at heart of your business.

Support communities

Issue EMV cards, apps, tags, or wearables to address varied demographic need.

Expand payment corridors

Allow customers to purchase or receive offers.

Understand behaviour

Understand travel behaviour through rich data insights.

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We are passionate about payment technology. Join and be part of the evolution.

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