Simplify Transit Payments With Littlepay
6 Ways Littlepay Simplifies Transit Payments
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6 Ways Littlepay Simplifies Transit Payments

Littlepay, the fast, effective way to ‘go contactless’

Discover the six key ways Littlepay simplifies transit payments and the fast way to implement a contactless payment solution, streamline ticketing systems, and start giving riders a convenient fare collection method that enhance the commuter experience.

As the only payment service provider working exclusively with the transit industry, we have one clear mission: to simplify payment journeys.

We’ve designed a flexible, API-based platform that enables operators to ‘go contactless’ within weeks, empowering passengers to pay with any contactless EMV bank card, smartphone or device.

We want to make it quick and easy for operators to experience benefits straight away, including lower ticketing costs, automatic debt recovery, robust security and access to analytical data.

Faster, frictionless journeys improve the passenger’s travel experience and consumer confidence spikes. This can have a positive impact on ridership, giving travellers an incentive to ride, not drive.

6 Ways Littlepay Simplifies Transit Payments

  1. Nice price: Our API-driven platform is a fraction of the cost of a bespoke solution
  2. Perfect fit: It connects with a variety of EMV readers, back offices and financial institutionst
  3. Fast worker: Our contactless payment solution can be up and running within weeks
  4. Trustworthy: With PCI Level 1 certification, we offer the highest level of cardholder data security
  5. Future proof: Our elastic, cloud-based infrastructure adapts to emerging technologies
  6. Boundless possibilities: Our payment processing solution embraces growth, with infinite scalability

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