Burkesbus introduces contactless EMV ticketing in Galway and Mayo – Littlepay
Burkesbus introduces contactless EMV ticketing in Galway and Mayo
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Burkesbus introduces contactless EMV ticketing in Galway and Mayo

  • For the very first time, riders in Ireland’s cultural heart will be able to pay for transit as easily as they pay for coffee.

Burkesbus is leading the way for modern ticketing in Ireland by introducing contactless EMV payments across their fleet. Passengers travelling with Burkesbus in Galway and Mayo can now pay for bus fares using a Visa or Mastercard contactless card or a digital wallet. 

Transit payments infrastructure provider Littlepay, ticketing technology specialist Transmach and acquiring provider Elavon are collaborating to deliver contactless EMV payments across the Burkesbus network. 

“It’s great to be part of the partnership that is bringing contactless payments in Ireland. We are eager to continue working with operators in the region and support them in their journey to contactless.”

Paul Griffin, Littlepay

The new system was officially launched on Monday the 30th of January in response to a growing demand for contactless ticketing in the country. According to a study done by BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA) in 2022, 63% of Irish consumers prefer using cashless payment methods when making in-store purchases. This figure is above the average (54%) recorded by other countries in the study.* The initiative is set to revolutionise ticketing in the region by providing a fast and efficient way for commuters to pay for travel.

When boarding a bus, riders have to simply ask the driver for their preferred ticket type and pay for it using the contactless ticketing machine available on the vehicle, eliminating the need to purchase paper tickets before boarding.

“BURKESBUS are delighted to be the first transport operator in Ireland to offer the most efficient contactless payment system available. The transaction is instant and enables quick and efficient loading of passengers. This reduces journey times on multi-stop services and ensures hassle-free travel.

Working with Littlepay is exciting and they provide an excellent service which enables efficient operation.”

Damien Burke, Burkesbus

*BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA)

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