Littepay deploys contactless payments throughout the Tuscany
Littepay assists Autolinee Toscane in deploying contactless payments throughout the Tuscany region
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Littepay assists Autolinee Toscane in deploying contactless payments throughout the Tuscany region

In a project that modernises its entire transit network, Autolinee Toscane launched, on the 28th of March, contactless payments across its both urban and interurban routes. The activation of open-loop payments is the latest phase in the deployment of an account-based ticketing system supplied by Kuba. Open payments are enabled by Littlepay, which provides EMV payment processing, and Elavon for acquiring services.

Tuscany’s 3.7 million inhabitants and its 48.2 million annual tourists will now benefit from the simplified transit ticketing experience, with no need to purchase physical tickets or top-up closed loop cards. 

Modernising ticketing across an entire region

Autolinee Toscane’s region-wide rollout of contactless payments will cover its entire network of buses. This pioneering move will benefit locals, tourists and commuters in the region. Tuscany is renowned for its rich history, impressive architecture and charming villages, which bring a consistent influx of tourists. With this launch, Autolinee Toscane has taken a significant step to simplify fare payments for tourists who might find it confusing when navigating public transport. 

“By introducing open payments in transit, the Tuscany region, highly appreciated by citizens over the world, has increased its attractiveness to locals and visitors. Great thanks to our partners at Kuba and Elavon for their involvement.”

said Ariel Casado, Regional Manager for Western EU

Due to our existing integration with Kuba’s account-based ticketing infrastructure, the 6,000 Kuba devices installed for this massive deployment were ready to receive and process EMV taps. As the deployment covers an entire region including 11 provinces, the fare collection rules had to be flexible to the requirements of each route.

“It is a great honor to provide the technical solution for seamless open payments on public transport across Tuscany. The scale of the project is like no other in Europe, and its successful delivery is a testament to great teamwork. We’re grateful for the collaboration with Autolinee Toscane and our partner Littlepay, which has led to a simpler way for travellers to make the most of this stunning region.”

Giuseppe Russotti, General Manager of Kuba in Italy

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