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Littlepay gains Visa Ready For Transit certification
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Littlepay gains Visa Ready For Transit certification

As a Visa Certified Solution, Littlepay will be able to help more transit operators and riders around the world experience the benefits of next generation, contactless fare payments.

Press Release, September 9, 2020

Transit-focused payment gateway, Littlepay, announces today that it has joined the growing number of Visa Ready for Transit partners with Visa Certified Solutions. Working with Visa, Littlepay will bring its solution, which enables the successful processing of payments made on contactless EMV technology, to transit agencies worldwide.

Littlepay offers a modular platform that connects with any card reader and integrates seamlessly with a range of acquiring banks. Unlike bespoke alternatives, this loosely-coupled system can be deployed within weeks, so that agencies can offer passengers contactless payments sooner. Transactions can be tracked and product rules set-up with ease using the Littlepay Control merchant portal. Fare aggregation and daily, weekly or rolling fare caps deliver added value to riders.

Contactless payments are driving innovation for transit systems around the world, offering a fast, easy and secure way to pay at the turnstile or on vehicles. Riders save valuable time by avoiding the need to pre-purchase a paper ticket or smart card, or stand in line to pay for fares or top-ups. They simply pay for the journeys they take by tapping a card reader with their contactless bank card or digital wallet.

The trend towards contactless payments has gained momentum, particularly in light of health and safety concerns around using cash or touch-dependent payment technology. As more cities around the world look to update transit ticketing and payment systems, the Visa Ready for Transit program provides transit agencies with access to partners, like Littlepay, with market-leading solutions.

Already working with around 200 transport agencies and operators, Littlepay has built a strong track record of providing cost-effective, accessible contactless EMV payment processing.

“We are proud to offer a Visa Ready for Transit Certified Solution. We look forward to being part of a collective effort to support transport operators’ needs as they work harder than ever to deliver safe, reliable and efficient services to their passengers.”

Amin Shayan, CEO, Littlepay
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