Littlepay introduces contactless EMV ticketing Croatia and Iceland
Littlepay introduces contactless EMV ticketing systems in Croatia and Iceland
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Littlepay introduces contactless EMV ticketing systems in Croatia and Iceland


Littlepay announces today its involvement in two collaborative projects that introduced new contactless EMV ticketing systems in Iceland and Croatia. On the 26th of March Icelandic airport bus operator, Sýsli launched a new contactless payment solution on the Akureyri Airport Bus line. Whilst in early April, bus network of municipal utility provider Libertas in Dubrovnik, Croatia inaugurated its new contactless EMV ticketing system. 

Innovation in a Historic City 

Littlepay, in collaboration with device vendor PPT Excellence and acquiring services provider Rapyd, delivered its first contactless payments project in Croatia. Through our existing integrations with our partners, a complete solution was delivered with Littlepay’s transit payment processing at its core.  

With over 100 EMV-compatible devices deployed, the new contactless EMV ticketing solution is available across the Libertas-Dubrovnik bus network, making it easier for residents, commuters, and tourists to use public transport – with the latter group benefitting most. 

“Introducing MTT (Mobility and Transport Transaction) into our fleet is a pioneering project at the level of the Republic of Croatia. Among with other solutions already implemented into our ticketing system (contactless smart cards, QR-code and paper tickets, monthly and yearly subscriber’s cards), EMV payment in our fleet completes the four-year period of upgrading the ticketing system, providing to our customers and passengers the flexibility and versatility in using our services.”

said Nikša Grljević, Information officer at Libertas Dubrovnik

The anticipated ridership of 29.1 million, will benefit from the flexibility of simply tapping for rides at a flat rate using a contactless bank card, credit card or digital wallet thus removing the need to purchase tickets before boarding. This simple, secure, and convenient way to pay for bus fares aligns Libertas with the modern passenger’s demand for customer-centric fare options that mirror their seamless payment experiences elsewhere. 

“It has been wonderful to work with a team of dedicated partners to deliver a secure, frictionless ‘Tap-to-Pay’ option to the Libertas network. This synergy has modernised their ticketing and payment system with compelling benefits: enhanced passenger experience, flat fares and increased ridership from transit users who understand they can use their bank card as their ticket to ride. This tourist hub is also a great destination to understand how integrating a universal tap-to-pay experience can benefit a city’s economy by making travel simpler for overseas visitors.”

said Sarah McLaughlin, Business Development Manager at Littlepay

Modernising the journey to the airport 

Bus operator Sýsli – a small, tour operating and driving instructing company based in Akureyri, the capital of north Iceland – has chosen to augment its ticketing structure by introducing a contactless EMV payment option in addition to its existing pre-booked ticketing service.  

Previously, the Akureyri Airport Bus operated on a pre-booked basis, meaning the bus only operated if passengers had already booked the service. They also had the option of buying tickets on operational services, but this purchase had to be made physically via the driver – a clunky ticketing system that deprived passengers of the convenience they craved.

Aware that the modern customer expects card payment options to be ubiquitous, Sýsli has joined forces with Littlepay to introduce a customer-centric payment solution to their bus service that meets passengers’ expectations. Littlepay provides the core transit payment service in partnership with Ticketer for device validation and Rapyd for local acquiring services.

This collaborative project elevates the passenger experience by removing the need to pre-book operational services. Now they can simply ‘tap and ride’ on the day, safe in the knowledge that they’ll only be charged a flat fare for their journey.

“This is an exciting opportunity to develop a contactless EMV payment system in Iceland that co-exists seamlessly with other payment options. The new solution provides passengers with the flexibility to tap for flat fare rides, removing the need to purchase tickets before boarding or physical tickets on the day and ensuring speedy boarding.

This project exemplifies Littlepay’s commitment to collaboration. We’ve joined forces with industry leaders Ticketer, a trusted smart ticketing systems supplier, and Rapyd, our global payment gateway partner, to develop a solution that surpasses expectations.”

said Sarah McLaughlin, Business Development Manager

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