Littlepay and Transmach announce their first live deployment
Littlepay’s partnership with TransMach sees first live deployment
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Littlepay’s partnership with TransMach sees first live deployment

Our partnership with ticketing technology provider TransMach saw its first live deployment in recent weeks. MP Travel in the North West of England is now using TransMach and Littlepay to enable contactless EMV payments on its vehicles.

The bus company wanted a fast way to respond to rocketing demand for tap-to-pay solutions with bank cards and mobile wallets. With our speedy onboarding service and TransMach’s hassle-free hardware installations, it took just a few weeks to deliver this project.

Littlepay is a device agnostic solution for contactless EMV payment processing. Our payment gateway sits at the core of a modular platform and can connect to any EMV Level 2 certified card reader and any integrated acquirer. This flexibility allows us to create solutions in collaboration with transit agencies and operators that perfectly match their needs.

MP Travel has installed TransMach’s TM500 on-bus machines on its fleet of coaches and is also using TM920 handheld machines. The independent operator’s goal was to transition from cash payments and paper ticketing to allow contactless EMV and smart card payments to be taken. It believes that the availability of convenient and safe touch-free payment options will enhance passengers’ travel experience, speed up onboarding and reduce driver interaction.

Founder and owner Gaz McAllister-Partridge said: 

“We were already looking at replacing paper weekly tickets with smart cards and offering contactless payments. Since the pandemic, we brought this forward to be able to accept contactless sooner.”

MP Travel takes pride in providing excellent customer service and has found that contactless payment options have been well-received by passengers.

Minesh Vandra, Director, TransMach, said: 

“We partnered very effectively with Littlepay on this deployment. I am pleased to see how well our affordable, easy-to-use advanced technology works in tandem. Together, we have created a simple, safe contactless payment experience for passengers.”

Littlepay was developed to be device agnostic. This is great because our customers get to cherry-pick from our partnered ticketing technology vendors and acquirers, with our payment processing piece at the heart of the end-to-end solution. It’s fantastic to see a live deployment using TransMach’s technology.

Amin Shayan, CEO of Littlepay
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