26 Sep 2019

Littlepay innovates with multi-operator capping in Brighton, UK

Littlepay, in partnership with Ticketer, brings multi-operator capping to Brighton & Hove and Metrobus Services

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The future possibilities of multi-operator capping are exciting. This functionality opens the door to collaborative ticketing schemes across operators and transit modes .

Amin Shayan, CEO, Littlepay

We're pleased to announce the first deployment of an exciting new functionality: multi-operator capping.

Today, this is being deployed for the first time in Brighton, UK. Working with The Go-Ahead Group, we have introduced tap on/tap off payments to Metrobus and Brighton & Hove buses, with a daily cap on fares across the two services.

Improves passenger experience

Littlepay’s multi-operator capping technology allows passengers to travel with both bus companies, paying contactless by tapping a reader with their bank card, smartphone, or enabled device as they board and exit.

Their journeys are recorded and a daily cap applied to ensure they pay the best price for travel in the 24-hours after they first ‘tap on’. The seamless payment experience will reduce boarding times, while the fare cap will bring cost efficiencies.

Simplifies fare structures

Working closely with its established hardware partner Ticketer, this deployment is the first time that Littlepay has introduced a second reader to vehicles for ‘tapping off’.

Littlepay CEO, Amin Shayan says: “We’re excited to go live with multi-operator capping in Brighton. Passengers increasingly want to travel without having to analyse complex fare structures. We hope Brighton & Hove and Metrobus customers will enjoy the simplicity of paying contactless across two services, while always paying the best fare.”

Creates cost transparency

Go-Ahead Group Chief Information Officer Enrique Fernandez says: “We are delighted to offer a simple, new fare for our passengers in the South of England. We believe that public transport should be easy, convenient and affordable, and this new tap on/tap off scheme will allow customers to travel with ease, knowing they are only ever paying for the exact trip they take.”

Evolution of contactless transit payments

Littlepay has enjoyed a rewarding, collaborative relationship with The Go-Ahead Group since 2017, when the operator became Littlepay’s first UK client. A smooth, fixed-fare trial in Oxford, again in partnership with Ticketer, led to a nationwide rollout of contactless EMV across the entire Go-Ahead bus fleet, with variable fares and fare capping since being adopted by some services. The tap on/tap off configuration in Brighton employs another aspect of Littlepay’s flexible payments solution.

John Clarfelt, CEO of Ticketer, says: “Our Ticketer ETMs are the perfect partner for Littlepay’s innovative payment technology. We have worked closely together on a number of projects for bus operators now, always with the aim of making it as easy as possible for people to use public transport. This latest innovation is particularly exciting as it will revolutionise the way passengers pay for their travel, to everyone’s benefit.”

Amin Shayan adds: “Flexibility is at the heart of Littlepay. We work with clients to find solutions to their payment processing challenges. The Go-Ahead Group has embraced this and is evolving constantly with the help of our versatile payments technology stack.”

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