30 Jan 2020

Pilot project on airport Metro and STCP trams in Porto

Littlepay is working alongside CyberSource, Visa, Porto Intermodal Transport (TIP), Unicre and Card4B to bring contactless payments to Porto airport’s metro line and STCP trams in the second quarter of 2020. Roll-out to the Andante transport network is planned to follow.

This will be the first time in Portugal that passengers will be able to use a contactless bank card to pay for public transport, simply tapping a validator as they board. The project is part of a drive to improve the convenience and accessibility of public transport for the city’s residents, workers and tourists.

Porto will join a growing list of cities in the world, such as London, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro and New York, which offer a contactless payment solution for public transport.

Littlepay CEO Amin Shayan says, “Like our partners in this innovative scheme, we strongly believe in the powerful role of seamless public transit in helping cities to thrive. We are passionate about the social impact of the technology we’re developing and excited to be working with cities to drive a shift towards increased use of public transport.”

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