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Ticketing and payment strategies for recovery
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Ticketing and payment strategies for recovery

Littlepay panel explores the role of payments in the new age of mobility

At Intelligent Transport’s Ticketing and Payments Innovation Summit last week, Littlepay held a panel session on the theme Re-evaluating contactless technology and touchless journeys for the post-COVID era. Our CEO Amin Shayan shared the stage with TfL’s Senior Product Manager, Payments, Andy Shaw and EMT Madrid CIO, Juan Corro Beseler.

Three-point plan

There are three key elements that we at Littlepay believe are crucial to public transit and mobility as they re-mobilize to match changed travelling and payments behaviour:

  1. Contactless payments: With contactless payments seen as a more hygienic way to pay, demand has rocketed. As a result, there is more widespread recognition of the core benefits of this payment method versus cash or smart cards. There’s no need to carry cash or top-up smart cards for a start. Instead you can pay with the bank card, smartphone or watch you have with you all the time.
  2. Flexible fare structures: Contactless payment technology also allows for dynamic fare models to be configured that bring passengers the simplicity and affordability they want when they use public transport. Fare capping, with daily, weekly or rolling fare caps, is a pay-as-you-go alternative to season tickets and period passes, and a better match for flexible and remote working lifestyles.
  3. Omni-channel payments for interoperability: With complexity seen as a barrier to public transport use, the simplification of ticketing and payments across operators and transport modes is a key goal. Passengers want to get from A to B, using their choice of private and public transport and mobility solutions. Open systems, including open-loop payments, facilitate this type of seamless passenger experience.

We enjoyed the debate that unfolded during our session, with panellists discussing the ticketing and payments strategies they are implementing in the wake of Covid-19 to ensure the ongoing relevance of public transit and its positive role in the wider mobility ecosystem. Watch it in full HERE.

How we can help transit agencies and operators on the road to recovery

With the imminent launch of Littlepay Checkout, our omni-channel payments infrastructure for transit and mobility will cater for the full spectrum of ticketing needs – including contactless EMV pay-as-you-go, and web and app checkouts for prepay fares, season tickets and concessions:

Littlepay Contactless

  • PAYG open-loop payments
  • Daily, weekly and rolling fare capping
  • Multi-operator schemes with fare capping

Littlepay Checkout

  • APIs and SDKs for mobile payments
  • My Card My Ticket -‘travel rights’ attributed to a contactless card or digital wallet, so passengers can pay now, tap later

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