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What is in it for you? The benefits of being a Littlepay partner
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What is in it for you? The benefits of being a Littlepay partner

At Littlepay, we want to make our contactless EMV payments infrastructure accessible to transit agencies of all sizes. The modularity of our system, and our partnerships with financial institutions and ticketing technology, makes this goal attainable.

All agencies need to get started is a transit payment processor (Littlepay), integrated with payment readers and an acquiring bank or payment gateway. It’s that easy; and even more so since we’ve already done the leg work, pre-integrating multiple payment readers and acquirers to our platform. Agencies can choose from many variations of a ‘Littlepay Ready’ solution. 

What this means is that transit agencies can bypass the need to invest huge amounts of time and money designing proprietary systems for accepting contactless transactions. 

Our partner based, modular solution can ‘plug and play’ in just a few weeks, with little upfront cost from the transit agency. 

A little help from our friends

Our growing ecosystem of ‘Littlepay Ready’ partners is the foundation on which our payments platform is built. Together, we can help agencies to simplify and modernise public transport and mobility payments. Because we depend on our partners, it’s important we develop strong, collaborative relationships with mutual benefits. If you are interested in becoming a partner, here is an overview of what is in it for you!

Fast and simple integration

Littlepay’s infrastructure is API based. We take pride in developing a system that is truly flexible, providing support with the integration of payment readers, back offices, acquiring banks and payment gateways. With this approach, we connect our partners to our platform, becoming a complete, market-ready solution in just a few weeks. 

Specialising in transit payments

Littlepay is the only payments service provider that is concentrated solely on serving the transit and mobility industries. Our team of experts handles the onboarding with ease and our platform is PCI-Level 1 certified and compliant with the major card issuers’ rules for transit.

Littlepay has invested in a certified lab for EMV testing. We can put your validator or barrier gate through internal integration testing ensuring that your subsequent external L3 certifications will go without a hitch.

We have been in the industry for a while and our partners and customers appreciate our knowledge and experience. 

In the right place at the right time

We offer Partner program members a range of benefits, such as inclusion in our partner program directory, which makes it easier for transit operators to identify their product’s suitability for upcoming projects. The directory offers extra visibility at a timely moment, when customers we are working with can discover the solutions of our partners. 

Joint marketing efforts

Throughout a project, we work together with our partners on marketing activities and PR projects that help our deployments get the attention they deserve. Collaborating on initiatives such as press releases, case studies and webinars can increase our reach and amplify our news through each others’ networks. 

Business growth opportunities

Partner program members receive a newsletter every month. Inside, we map out industry-related news, updates and events that might be of interest. We encourage open communication and we are delighted to share insights and updates regarding product development and business opportunities.

We keep an eye on growth possibilities and when we discover new tenders emerging, we share the news with our partners. By teaming up with Littlepay, our partners increase their go-to-market routes, with great opportunities to provide combined solutions for transit agencies of all sizes. We’re in a period of rapid expansion, reaching new territories and markets. As we grow, we take our partners with us. 

Join us!

Littlepay has built a strong track record in the transit payments industry. Our network of partners has helped us bring contactless open loop ticketing to transit agencies of all sizes and we’re always looking for exciting new partnerships to help us innovate, grow, and better serve the transit and mobility sectors.

To find out more please download the Littlepay Partner Program PDF download

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