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Work180 Endorsed Employer Littlepay Supports Diversity
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Work180 Endorsed Employer Littlepay Supports Diversity

By encouraging candour and leadership from our diverse team, we benefit from a range of valuable perspectives.

Littlepay is proud to support diversity in the workplace. This is written in our brand values, but more importantly played out every day in the way we work together. We celebrate each other’s talents and make a point of shouting-out achievements.

Multi-cultural people

Our talented teams are based in Australia and the UK. Around the offices, or in Google Hangouts, the mix of Australian, American, British, Asian and European accents is one of the signs we are a global bunch.

Gender balance

Another striking feature of our team is the high number of women it includes. In every aspect of the business – product development, legal, commercial, business development, marketing, HR and office management – women stand shoulder to shoulder with equally brilliant male colleagues, bringing their expertise to bear on Littlepay’s success.

Following recent hires, our leadership team, which drives our strategy and growth, includes more women than men. In the sectors we operate within – fintech, payments and transit – this high quota of senior female talent is far from typical. We celebrate that!

Every voice heard

Anyone who interacts with Littlepay as a customer, partner, or employee may notice a few good things that come out of the balance of genders. By encouraging candour and leadership from everyone on the team, we benefit from a wide range of perspectives. We strongly believe this helps us to deliver a fantastic product and service.

Recently, we were endorsed by the WORK180 network as an employer that supports diversity, inclusion and equality. To meet its criteria, we shared details of our commitment to pay equity, flexible working, paid parental leave and equal opportunities.

Life beyond work

Recognising that people have a life outside work and enabling them to enjoy the right balance between work and home lives is at the heart of our work culture. We’re confident our strategy is helping us to attract amazing people to our growing team.

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